• Easy training and setup

  • Flexible schedule

  • Earn $ while traveling or commuting

  • Get paid weekly

  • Friendly, helpful support staff

  • No experience necessary


At JMI Reports we’ve been providing property risk assessments to insurance companies for more than 30 years. We take photos and gather basic information for residential and commercial properties throughout the US. In order to make that happen, we visit properties on behalf of the property owner's insurance carrier to assess and verify the information needed to ensure everyone is properly insured. To do this, we rely on a nationwide network of field inspectors like you!

For more info visit: https://www.jmireports.com/car...

A reliable vehicle
A smartphone
A comfort level with technology
A laptop for more complicated risks.


When an insurance carrier needs to assess a property, orders are sent to your phone through our BlueSkyVUE app, available for free on the Apple or Android app store.

We let you know the property location and expected fee that you will be paid up-front, and you can accept or decline any order. Once you accept an order, you drive to the property, take a few photos, answer a few questions prompted in the app and hit submit. No experience is necessary and you have access to field support anytime.

OUR EARNING POTENTIAL: In an 8-hour day, you can expect to complete 15 to 20 of our most basic orders and earn $150 to $350 per day. You will be paid weekly.

As you become familiar with inspections, you can accept more complex assignments earning up to $250 per day. Some higher-paying orders may require a measuring wheel, camera pole, or selfie stick for close-up roof photos. You can purchase these through Amazon for less than $75 in total.

Because this is a 1099 contractor position, you can write off your mileage, gas, gear, cell phone, etc. in taxes. Many field inspectors have also moved up in the company to full-time positions.

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